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Nitrite Ion Sensor

Name:    Nitrite Ion Sensor

Type:     TS2216

Port:     RJ45

Accuracy:    ±10%F.S

Range:     4.6ppm~4600ppm

Resolution:    0.4ppm

Function:     It's used to measure content of nitrite ion in solution. It's measurement is sensitive, accurate and quick.







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♦  Nitrite Ion (NO2) is a kind of toxic atom radical. Nitrite consists of NO2 and metal. It is a kind of white opacity crystal and looks like salt. Industrial salt is made of chemical materials which contains lots of nitrite. For adults who take 0.2~0.5g of nitrite may cause death due to poison. It is also a kind of cancerogenic substance. According to scientific study, esophagus cancer can be caused by amount of nitrite intake.


♦  Nitrite Ion Sensor needs to be demarcated before using. You need to wait until the data reading become stable.

♦  The demarcate method is shown below:

♦  Connect Nitrite Ion Sensor to SenseDisc. Connect SenseDisc to computer.

♦  Clean and dry the probe and immerse it into standard nitrite solution ‘1’.

    Wait 5 minutes until the reading becomes stable. Insert first value in software (the concentration of nitrite solution ‘1’ in mg/L). 

♦  Click demarcate. Use standard nitrite solution ‘2’ to demarcate second value (same as ‘1’). Demarcate is completed.


♦  To maximize the service life and best function, it is suggested that preserve the probe in fridge and temperature around 5℃.

♦  When measuring concentration of nitrite in solution, you should configure two kinds of nitrite solution to demarcate. Try to configure nitrite solution which has same concentration as the solution to be measured in order to increase accuracy.  

♦  Stable time: at least 5 minutes. Best PH range: 4.5-8. Temperature range: 5℃—50℃. 

♦  Best temperature: 25℃.

♦  The following ion will interrupt nitrite (the coefficient is shown in bracket): acetate (0.001), fluorinion (0.0008), chloridion (0.00005), nitrate (0.00001), sulfate radical (0.00001). The error will occur only when concentration of these matter is several times of nitrite. For example, when the concentration of chloridion is same as nitrite, the effect is only 0.005%. To make the effect up to 5%, the concentration should be 1000 times of nitrite.

♦  The effect of cyanide is very significant. It is forbidden to exist or only accepted to exist when its concentration is far lower than nitrite.

♦  The electrode filling liquid should be injected before using every time. It is suggested to discard it if the sensor will not be used in short period of time. Otherwise it will evaporate.

Typical experiment

Typical experiment


♦  Concentration of nitrite in solution


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