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JIANGSU SWR SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was founded in 2001, with the education scientific research strength of Nanjing Normal University, we have built the "modern education equipment R&D center, curriculum application center, technical service center", and created a domestic first-class level R&D team. Currently, the center consists of over 50 professional R&D personnel, including 3 doctor and 7 masters. In addition, we also have hired nearly 30 varied discipline professors and the front line teachers, who come from Nanjing Normal University and key middle and primary schools, to be our R&D consultants. It aims to concentrate on researching digital education equipment, developing courses and experiments, exploiting, designing, compiling and publishing related teaching materials, teacher training and so on.

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SWR has passed the certification of CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS180001 and other international system. Meanwhile, we have achieved the “Jiangsu Province Private Science-Technology Enterprises”, the “Jiangsu Province Double-soft Enterprise” and other authentication. These honorary titles mean that we have owned standardization, systematization and mature management level. What’s more, SWR has been granted 8 national invention patents, 29 national utility model patents and 40 national software Copyrights.


SMART Datalogger Question&Solution

1. No response from SMART Datalogger. If SMART Datalogger does not respond to any operation, please reset. Reset method: press “up”, “down”  and “right” button simultaneously to restore to factory Settings. 2. The SMART Datalogger cannot be switched on outdoor. Please check the batte ... + 更多

Tablet Datalogger Question&Solution

1.Fail to switch off or display bluescreen Hold down the power button for about 20 seconds, then release the finger, and then press the power button to try to switch on.If the machine cannot be turned off, please press the RESET button on the top of the machine with a fine needle. If the problem cannot be solved, pleas ... + 更多

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