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Surface Temperature Sensor

Name:    Surface Temperature Sensor

Type:     TS2125

Port:     RJ45

Accuracy:     ±0.5℃

Range:      -30~+150℃

Resolution:    ±0.1℃

Function:     It can be widely used to measure, compensate temperature and restrain surge current.







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♦  The sensing component of Surface Temperature Sensor is NTC thermistor. It is sealed with an empty metal container. When it touches to object need to be measured, it has very quick response.


♦  NTC thermistor is mounted on the top of sensor probe. It is the sensing component of measuring temperature, which means it is key component. Make sure the sensor NTC thermistor touching completely to the surface of measured object to ensure the accuracy of measuring result. The sensor is mainly used to measure the temperature of metal surface and liquid or gas in sealed container or tube.


♦  The probe should be touching tightly to the surface of object to be measured.

♦  Do not measure the temperature exceeding the measuring range.


Typical experiment

Typical experiment

♦  Typical experiment



♦  Comparison on heat conduction performance of different substances


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