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Alcohol Gas Sensor

Name:     Alcohol Gas Sensor

Type:     S1016

Port:     Lightning

Accuracy:     ±3%

Range:     0~6000ppm

Resolution:     0.1ppm

Function:     It is used to measure alcohol content in exhaled air. The measurement is sensitive, accurate and quick.







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♦  The sensing component of Alcohol Gas Sensor is made of the metallic oxide semiconductor on the aluminum oxide plate. When there is alcohol gas exists in the environment, conductivity of sensor will be increasing with concentration of alcohol gas. The sensor converts changing of conductivity into concentration of alcohol gas.


♦  Connect Alcohol Gas Sensor to any port in SenseDisc.

♦  Place the Alcohol Gas Sensor into the place with alcohol gas to measure.


♦  Do not immerse the sensor into liquid alcohol. It will damage the probe.

♦  Preheating is required. The initial value could be wrong. 

Typical experiment

Typical experiment

♦  Detect the content of alcohol gas


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