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Rapid Temperature Sensor

Name:     Rapid Temperature Sensor

Type:     S0011

Port:     Lightning

Accuracy:     ±0.8℃

Range:     -25~100℃

Resolution:     0.1℃

Function:     It can measure the temperature of object surface, gas, non-corrosive acid and alkali liquid, and is sensitive, accurate and quick.






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♦ The sensing component of Rapid Temperature Sensor is semiconductor thermistor. When temperature changes, its resistance will also change. The relationship between resistance and temperature is liner within certain temperature range. When it touches to object need to be measured, it has very quick response. The Rapid Temperature Sensor can be used to measure the surface temperature of object, gas and liquid (non-corrosive).


♦  Connect the sensor probe to Rapid Temperature Sensor. Connect Rapid Temperature Sensor to SenseDisc.

♦  Make sure the sensor semiconductor thermistor touching completely to the measured object to ensure the accuracy of measuring result.


♦  The sensor probe should be completely insert into sensor.

♦  Completely immerse sensor probe into the measured liquid.

♦  Never put any part of the sensor on open fire or heating disc directly.

♦  Clean the sensor completely after using.

♦  The temperature higher that 150℃ may damage the sensor.

Typical experiment

Typical experiment

♦  Explore the regulation of temperature change when a solid melts.



♦ Natural cooling of water.

♦ Liquid cooling via evaporation.

♦ Conversion between work and energy.

♦ Explore relationship between boiling point and pressure of liquid.

♦ Explore thermoelectricity.

♦ Comparison on heat conduction performance of different substances.



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