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Chlorine Sensor

Name:    Chlorine Sensor

Type:     TS2220

Port:     RJ45

Accuracy:     ±1%

Range:     0 ~ 50ppm

Resolution:     0.1ppm

Function:     It's used to measure concentration of chlorine in gas. It's measurement is sensitive, accurate and quick.







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♦  The working principle of Chlorine Sensor is measuring concentration of chlorine by using electrochemistry.


♦  Connect the electrode to sensor, datalogger and computer.
♦  Chlorine Sensor has been calibrated before manufacturing.
♦  Expose the Chlorine Sensor electrode in the environment with chlorine to measure data.
♦  Clear up the experimental apparatus.


♦  The electrode is gas-permeable membrane electrode. Try not to break the membrane when assembling the device.  
♦  Chlorine is poisonous. Be careful and take precautions during using.  


Typical experiment

Typical experiment




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