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SO2 Sensor

Name:     SO2 Sensor

Type:     S1014

Port:     Lightning

Accuracy:     ±1%F.S

Range:     0~20ppm

Resolution:     0.1ppm

Function:     It is used to measure the formation of sulfur dioxide in chemical reactions.The measurement is sensitive, accurate and quick.







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♦  The working principle of SO2 Sensor is electrochemistry. When SO2 gets inside of electrode, electrical potential and current will be generated according to the working principle. Sensor collects those data and display the concentration of SO2 according to the relationship between SO2 and electrical potential and current.


♦  Connect SO2 Sensor to any port in SenseDisc.

♦  Connect electrode to SO2 Sensor.

♦  Measure SO2 in chemical reaction.


♦  Do not touch it to liquid or other organic matter. Use and preserve it in dry place. Otherwise, those matters could damage the electrode.

♦  SO2 Sensor electrode has limited service life according to its working principle.

♦  Data display will be delay due to electrochemistry.

♦  Do not use and preserve it in high concentration alkali gas.  

Typical experiment

Typical experiment

♦  Assessment of air quality

♦  Detect automobile exhaust

♦  Measure SO2 in chemical reaction



Instruction Manual

Link: Instruction Manual【S1014_SO2 Sensor】_ENG


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