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Force Composition and Decomposition Experimenter

Name:     Force Composition and Decomposition Experimenter

Type:     TP6055

Connection:      cable/ wireless

Course:     Senior High School Physics

Built-in sensor          Force sensor           Dipmeter

Range:                     -1N-8N                     0-90°

Resolution:              0.01N                       0.1°

Accuracy:                ±1%F.S                    ±0.5°

Function:     It is used to explore force composition and decomposition under different angles.




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  • Typical Experiment


♦  It has horizontal device which avoids the error result from being unequally placed. It has built-in Force Sensor and Angle Sensor, which can automatically measure the force and angle.


♦   The experimenter is easy to assemble and not necessary to build up. 

♦   It has built-in force sensor screen which is convenient for observing.



Component name Qty. Remark
1 Main part 1set

Equipped with 14500 lithium battery:800mAh 3.7V


USB cable 1pcs Used for transmitting data and charging
3 Bluetooth adapter 1pcs


Charger 1pcs


Typical Experiment

Experiment Set-up figure

Typical experiment

♦    To explore the composition and decomposition of force

Instruction Manual

Link: Instruction Manual【TP6055_Apparatus for the Synthesis and Decomposition of Force on Inclined Plane】_ENG







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