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Distance Sensor

Name:     Distance Sensor

Type:     TS2117

Port:     RJ45

Accuracy:     ±1cm

Range:     40cm~600cm

Resolution:     1mm

Function:     It's used to measure distance between sensor and object. It's measurement is sensitive, accurate and quick.







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♦ Distance Sensor is a sonar equipment generating ultrasonic wave. It receives signal via signal reflecting by objects to measure the time T that high frequency sound wave pulse comes from object to sensor. According to the sound speed in air V, calculate distance between object and sensor: d=V*T/2.


♦  Ultrasonic wave is transmitted from the probe of Distance Sensor which is placed at the front side of it. Distance Sensor waits for the reflected signal. Anything which is able to reflect sound wave can be considered as explore object.

♦  Distance Sensor only senses the object which is placed nearest to it and able to reflect strong signal. The object placed further away from Distance Sensor provides weaker signal. It will slightly affect the distance measured.

♦  Before experiment, check the reflect angle of reflecting surface. If it is not vertical to ultrasonic wave, it may get concealed. If it is mounted by clamp, find the optimum angle by testing in order to gain the optimum reflected signal. You can try to increase the area of object to enhance reflection.


♦  Be aware of the dead zone of Distance Sensor.

♦  Keep the reflection surface of the object face to the sensor. The target surface should be big enough to ensure measuring accuracy.


Typical experiment

Typical experiment

♦ Uniform accelerated linear motion


♦  Simple harmonic motion

♦  Forced vibration


Instruction Manual

Link: Instruction Manual【TS2117_Distance Sensor】_ENG



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