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Turbid meter

Name:     Turbid meter

Type:     TW1010

Connection:     Bluetooth

Accuracy:     ±2%F.S

Range:     0~400NTU

Range:     0.1NTU

Function:     It's used to measure the turbidity of solutions.







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♦ The TW1010 turbid meter is used to measure the turbidity of solutions and the chemical reactions that can cause turbid effects.


♦  Turbid meter is directly connected to the computer according to the boot button or USB line. If the numerical deviation is large when it is used for the first time, it can be reset.

♦  After the 2. turbid meter is connected to the computer, the software can be opened and the “Multi USB” collection mode is selected. If the Bluetooth connection is connected, the “Wireless” collection mode is selected.

♦  Low power reminding: USB power is not inserted and when the battery is low, the word “Lo” will flicker on the screen; USB power is inserted, no matter whether the battery is low or not.

♦  After measuring the low power state, the system will have errors in measuring data and cannot be used as a basis for measurement.


♦  When the measurement value is inaccurate, users need to reset operation.

♦  When the measurement value is inaccurate, users need to reset operation.

Typical experiment

Typical experiment

♦  The turbidimetric comparison of different water quality

♦  To explore the rate of reaction between sodium thiosulfate and acid.



Instruction Manual

Link: Instruction Manual【TW1010_Turbid meter】_ENG_1.0



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