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Force tilt angle sensor

Name:    Force Tilt Sensor

Type:     TW0033

Connection:     Bluetooth

Accuracy:     1%

Range:     ±20N / 0°~180°

Resolution:     0.01N / 0.03°

Function:     It's used to measure the size of the force and the deflection angle of the sensor. 







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♦ The force tilt sensor can simultaneously measure the size of the force and the deflection angle of the sensor. When the sensor hook is exerted or thrust, the sensor can display the positive or negative values of the force. When the hook is kept in the vertical direction, the measured angle is zero, and the corresponding angle value can be measured after the sensor is deflected. In practical applications, it can be generally used in conjunction with vector force plate, and can accomplish the experiment of force synthesis and decomposition.


The force tilt sensor has two uses: force measurement and angle measurement. Users can use them individually or at the same time without external collector.
Bluetooth wireless connection mode:

♦  click on the Bluetooth icon in the lower right corner of the computer desktop, and click the right button to select “open the Bluetooth device” (for a computer without a built-in Bluetooth module, you need to start the Bluetooth first.” When the adapter is inserted into the USB port of the computer, when the driver is installed automatically, a Bluetooth icon appears in the lower right corner of the computer desktop, and the right click of the mouse click “open”. Bluetooth equipment).

♦  click “add” to add “Bluetooth device”.

♦  when the icon of Bluetooth device appears, proceed to the next step.

♦  choose “let me choose my own key” and enter the password, which is fixed to 0000.

♦  click next. After installation, click finish.

♦  click the completion button in the Bluetooth device dialog box to complete the installation of the wireless module.


♦  The sensor zero – formal measure;

♦  The force added in the measurement process should not exceed the range of the sensor. If it exceeds the load, it may cause permanent damage to the sensor.

♦  It should not be wet micro force sensor;

♦  In the measurement process, we should pay attention to the vertical direction of the sensor’s force and the end face of the sensor, otherwise it will make the measurement result inaccurate.

Typical experiment

Typical experiment

♦  The synthesis and decomposition of force


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