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O2 Sensor

Name:     O2 Sensor

Type:     S1004

Port:     Lightning

Accuracy:     ±2%

Range:     0~100%

Resolution:     0.1%

Function:     It's used to measure air concentration. It's measurement is sensitive, accurate and quick.

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♦  OSensor probe senses the amplitude of current between anode and cathode of electrode. It determines oxygen concentration by corresponding relationship between current and oxygen. It transfer data to sensor in order to test it.



♦  Connect O2 Sensor to any port in SenseDisc.

♦  Place the O2 Sensor probe into the environment to be measured to collect data.

Typical experiment

Typical experiment

♦  Explore breathing regulation of saccharomycetes

♦  Photosynthesis of plant

♦  Decomposition of catalase in different conditions


Instruction Manual

Link: Instruction Manual【S1004_O2 Sensor】_ENG


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